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Caruso's Grocery Home
Caruso's Grocery Home

“Caruso’s Grocery Is The Old School Italian Restaurant Of Your Dreams”

Caruso’s Grocery is modeled after the classic, Italian-American ‘red sauce’ joint. You know the one: red banquettes, a killer chicken Parm, Sinatra pouring through the speakers. If you’re looking for modern interpretations of a chef's take on the classics, you won’t find them here. Caruso’s Grocery will be home to traditional Italian-American fare focused on execution and high quality ingredients – menu items include Chicken Parmesan, Penne alla Vodka, Mozzarella en Carozza, Sole Francaise, Garlic Bread with Four Cheese Sauce, and more old school hits. A joint venture from Neighborhood Restaurant Group and Partner Matthew Adler, Caruso’s Grocery is now open for dinner!

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Caruso's Grocery Home

Caruso’s Grocery is a love letter to the simple, classic, Italian restaurants that provided our fondest childhood memories of what a restaurant could be.




Caruso’s Grocery is a love letter to the simple, classic, Italian-American restaurants that provided our fondest childhood memories of what a restaurant could be. In different ways and in different parts of the country, we each had our own, intimate experiences of the food and culture that Italian immigrants brought to their new home. As they became Americans, they changed and enriched America. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to celebrate them and all of the immigrant communities who continue to enliven and enrich our shared culture and our experience of eating and drinking in this, their adopted home.

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Caruso’s Grocery is the culmination of a lifelong passion for Matt, having spent the better part of his culinary career focused on regional Italian cuisine and much of his free time traveling throughout Italy. Largely inspired by the restaurant his dad ran while growing up in upstate New York called Scoozi, Caruso’s is Matt’s homage to generational Italian-American cooking. Matt has worked with top chefs such as the legendary Alain Ducasse and Michael White and has held top positions at Altamarea Group's Convivio, which was awarded a Michelin star and three stars from The New York Times, and Osteria Morini, which brought Matt to DC as the opening chef. Matt partnered with Neighborhood Restaurant Group on the development of The Roost and Caruso’s Grocery in 2019. 


As Chef de Cuisine, Marvin Lopez works closely with Partner-Chef Matt Adler at Caruso's Grocery to give our guests the classic, Italian-American 'red sauce' meals you've come to know us for. Marvin first joined Neighborhood Restaurant Group in 2016 as sous chef at the group's Logan Circle stalwart, Birch & Barley. He spent four years at Birch & Barley before joining Lupe Verde Osteria as a sous chef, where he honed his skills in executing Italian cuisine. In 2020, he returned to NRG to help open The Roost, the group's acclaimed food hall, along with the adjacent Caruso's Grocery in May 2021.

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Caruso’s Grocery is nestled beside The Roost, a culinary collective located at 914 14th St SE, Washington DC 20003


Open Wednesday through Saturday 5:00 -10:00

Sundays from 5:00 - 9:30